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Terms & Conditions

‘We/us’ – Winny’s Dog Field (part of 2K9 Pet Services Ltd)

‘Your dog/s’ – means the dog or dogs that come to the field with you – whether they are yours or not

‘The dog field’ – meaning the field or fields you have booked at Eastwood Old Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex. SS9 4DU 

‘You’ - refers to you, the individual, business or organisation that has booked the field


About us

We are Winny’s Dog Field, an Enclosed Dog Field registered at Eastwood Old Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex. SS9 4DU

You can contact us via the telephone number or email below:

Telephone: 07807 854 766


Our Contract with You

When you make a booking with us, whether it’s via the booking site, phone, email or any other method, we’re entering into an agreement – ‘a contract’ (in legal terms). This contract is subject to these terms and conditions and because we may update them or change them at any point in time, we ask you to agree to them each time you make a booking. (Any dispute or claim concerning this contract between us, or anything arising from it, will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales).

The basics of our contract with you are the following:

We take payment at the time of booking and until the payment has been made, your booking is not confirmed

You will know the total price prior to confirming your booking

Your booking is for a specific time slot on a specific date – you are only permitted to utilise the facility during this period


Dangerous Dog Act

Considering the government's recent announcement to place XL Bully type dogs on the DDA (Dangerous Dog Act), please read our additional Terms and Conditions for using Winny’s Dog Field

Below is the link for the Governments official definition of an XL Bully Dog:


You will be covered to hire out Winny’s Dog Field for an XL Bully Dog and Dogs on the Dangerous Dog Act on the following basis:

1. The dog is registered with the Index of Exempted Dog (IED) and a copy of the Life Certificate is obtained and provided to us on booking, please email to

2. A copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate for the dog is obtained and provided to us on booking, please email to

3. The dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times unless with other dogs from the same household

4. The dog is Neutered – in line with Government Rules

5. The dog is Microchipped

6. The dog is kept on a lead and muzzled until the gate is shut when entering the field

7. The dog is put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the field

8. You can remove the lead and muzzle once inside the private fields

9. If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs leads and muzzles can be removed once in the field including the XL Bully

10. If there are dogs from different households, the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all time with a 1:1 handler

11. If  the Exemption (IED) and Public Liability Insurance Certificates are not received 24 hours prior to booking, your booking will be cancelled.


Your Legal Rights – At your own risk

The use of our dog field is at your own risk. There are various hazards for you to take into account of – from uneven ground and vegetation – all of which are things that you would commonly find in a countryside setting.

As the dog field operator, we accept no liability for the death or injury, loss or damages and other claims incurred by you or anyone with you, or property, including your dogs during the use of the field.

To make sure you are aware of the potential risks, please ensure you have fully read and understood this document which covers the elements of the field and how they must be used.


Our responsibilities

We are not responsible for any loss or damages caused as a result of any negligence or lack of consideration for duty of care to you whilst you are using the dog field.

We are not liable for any loss or damage that is not caused by a contractor or employee of the dog field.

If you are using the dog field for business purposes, we accept no responsibility for any business losses and you are offered the same legal protection as domestic users. This includes loss of business, interruption, loss of business property and any profit.

Our insurance provider is Pet Business Insurance, policy number Mt1u827Pb3, please contact us via email to request a copy of our liability insurance should you wish to see it.


Our Privacy Policy - How We Use Your Personal Information
We securely store your name, mobile number and email address so that we can communicate with you about your booking. Your payment information is held securely by our 3rd party payment partners Wix and Apple pay and Google pay, our digital mailing service.

If you have agreed to receive emails from us other than those that relate directly to your booking, you may occasionally receive an email from us. You can change your communication preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Please see the up-to-date privacy policy for further details relating to competitions, social media and all other data use.



Booking and Payments

We accept payment via the following methods: Wix Payment or bank transfer.

All payments will display as ‘WP*’.

Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been made. This also applies to packages where bookings are deferred.

When you make a payment via our booking system, you are asked to agree to these terms and conditions – you will not be able to proceed with your booking unless these terms and conditions have been accepted by ticking the box.

If you make a booking via any other means, we will send you a copy of these terms and you will need to confirm receipt and acceptance before your booking is confirmed.

If you are making a booking on behalf of someone else and will not be attending the session yourself, you must ensure that all parties have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. You are responsible for anybody who accompanies you or attends the session in your place and this extends to all the liabilities and obligations that make up this contract (agreement).


Cancellation and Rescheduling of Your Session

You can only reschedule your session up to 12 hours prior to the time of your session. You can do this by logging onto your account on the booking system. You will receive confirmation of any changes to your booking via email

No cancellation of bookings.

No refunds are made for no-shows.

You may not extend your session for any reason.

There may be circumstances when we close the field – this may be due to severe weather warnings; hazardous conditions in the field; or things beyond our control like road closures. In this instance, we will contact you directly and offer an alternative session or a refund. It is for this reason that it is important that the contact details you input at the time of booking are correct.


Your Obligations

The following section details what we expect from you as our customer when using our dog field. These obligations are designed to ensure the safety of you; your dog/s; other users of the facilities; and anyone or thing that may be affected by your use of our dog field.


Canine Health, Welfare and Handling

Please ensure your dog is healthy and shows no signs of sickness (for example this includes diarrhoea, vomiting, lethargy – anything which is unusual for your dog).

You must not bring your dog to the dog field if they, or any other household pets have shown any signs of sickness. in the past 48 hours. There are some vulnerable dogs that use the dog field and not adhering to this may put other animals at risk.

All dogs attending the dog field must be up to date with current recommend vaccines (or titre tested), flea, tick and worming treatments.

Heavy or harsh handling of dogs is not permitted – this includes both verbal and physical treatment.

A dog must never be left unattended in the field or tethered to anything.

Where dogs are left in vehicles whilst other dogs are trained or exercised, their welfare must be constantly monitored.

Your dog must carry 3rd party liability insurance – you may have this as part of your pet insurance or household policy but if you are unsure, The Dog’s Trust have an affordable membership which will provide comprehensive 3rd party liability insurance as well as many other benefits.

If your dog is unwell in the field, please do your best to clear it up and contact us if this is not possible – disease can be transmitted through diarrhoea and vomit so this is essential for all users health and safety.

Please be aware that the dog field is a natural environment and as such has many of the hazards you might find on any other walk – this includes vegetation which might be poisonous to dogs. Best efforts are made to exclude any toxic plants but toxicity impact can vary significantly between individuals.

Winny’s Dog Field accepts no responsibility for any canine sickness that might come on after a visit to the field.


Use of the Field

The fencing in our larger dog field is approximately 6ft in height, our smaller field have fences 4ft in height. This can vary slightly in places as the ground is uneven.

The Gates in the dog field are secured and must remain closed at all times

If this enclosure is not suitable for your dog because it can squeeze through these gaps or scale this fence height then your dog must be on a lead at all times whilst using the dog field.

We aim to provide a safe environment for you to exercise your dog and in order to meet these expectations, the dog field fences and gates are regularly checked  weekly for any breaches or failures.

This regular monitoring limits the likelihood of any holes appearing during hours when the field is not in use but does not completely eliminate any risk. Breaches can include wild animal intrusion or visiting dogs digging as well as branches falling or failures caused by weather events. On occasion, breaches may occur outside of these times so we expect all users to confirm the field is safe and secure to their satisfaction before letting dogs loose in the field.

If you notice ANY breach at all, please contact us by phone on 07807 854 766 and if you can take a picture and specify the location, this will enable us to make immediate repairs. If any breach means that your dog is no longer safe in the field, please leave immediately, let us know and we will reschedule your booking.


Arrival and Departure

Your session is from the time booked – please avoid arriving early. The dog field is used by reactive dogs and customers arriving early can cause significant disruption.

Your session is for 55 or 30 minutes. You must have left the premises by the end of your session time so please consider the time it will take to retrieve your dog, load your car and depart.

Please ensure the gate is securely closed and locked on your departure.

If you arrive and the previous user is in the field, do not approach the field as they may have a reactive dog or an issue retrieving their dog that your presence will not help. Please call us on 07807 854 766 and we can contact the user.

Users that repeatedly arrive early or leave late will be refused the use of the field.

General Etiquette and Dog Behaviour

Whilst the field is designed as a safe and private space for you to exercise and play with your dog, we ask that you make the following considerations during your visit. If you fail to adhere to these requests, we reserve the right to ask you to leave and may lead to the refusal of bookings in the future.

Please ensure you pick up your dog waste and take it with you.

Please keep shouting and noise to a minimum due to the location of residents and livestock.

Please ensure that there is no persistent barking from your dog/s during your session.

Please do not drop or leave any food, litter or treats in the field.

Please do not permit digging in the field unless in the dedicated areas.

Please report any issues with equipment or the field as soon as you are able on 07807 854 766 or via for non-urgent matters.

Please ensure all toys are taken with you and none are left in the field – this includes any scraps of chewed toys or balls: Safety of all users and avoidance of choke hazards and resource guarding.

Please ensure you read the entire document to familiarise yourself with all other terms and conditions of use.


Family, Friends and Children

You may bring other people with you to the field under the following conditions:

No more than 4 people per booking.

All users must be aware of these terms and conditions and by attending you are assuming responsibility for their behaviour and actions whilst visiting the field.

Children are welcome but  the hirer is responsible for their behaviour at all times.

No children under 18 are permitted to use the dog field without an adult present.

Equipment and structures in the dog field are not child safe and none of the equipment provided is for human use

Vegetation and Environmental Hazards.

The dog field is an extension of the countryside and contains hazards similar to those you’d find on a public footpath or in a park. The ground is uneven with areas of longer grass and vegetation and there may have hidden trip hazards.

There are also tree trunks, bramble hedges and sticks around the field.

We make an effort to ensure that there are no highly toxic plants in the field but dogs react differently to these things depending on size, breed and individual genetics. The environment is not sterile and therefore we cannot accept any liability for humans or animals harmed by the natural environment.

You can find a list of the more common plants that are hazardous to dogs online.

There are many plants that you may have in your garden so whilst they can be harmful to dogs, not all are poisonous on contact or unless ingested.


Enrichment, Equipment and Toys

The dog field is predominantly designed for the enjoyment of dogs. That means that all equipment is to be used only by dogs.

Please do not allow your dog to use any equipment unless they are fit and experienced enough to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog’s safety whilst playing in the field.

Obstacles may become slippery from rain or ice so do not use them if this is the case.

Humans must not climb on equipment designed for dogs

Waste Removal

Please ensure you pick up your dog waste and take it home with you.

We encourage the use of biodegradable and compostable poo bags.

If you have any other waste, including broken toys, please take them home with you.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking, alcohol consumption and illegal substances are strictly prohibited on all our premises.

Any person found to have been smoking on the premises will be refused booking in the future. The risk of fire on site is considerable at certain times of the year.

Vaping is strictly prohibited on site – vape juice is highly toxic to dogs and should a pen or bottle of juice be dropped and found by a dog there is a risk of ingestion.

Winny's Dog Field

Private hire dog field in Leigh on Sea and the surrounding areas of: Southend, Thundersley Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Rochford, Westcliff, Shoebury.

Eastwood Old Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex

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